Customers of Auto Repairs R “Wee” are treated fairly, honestly and with respect. “Wee” don’t just take your money and run or tell you to go away. With your repeated visits for maintenance and general repairs you become a “Preferred Customer” automatically with tremendous benefits. You are most welcome to call us at any time during business hours for questions and advice related to your particular repair or any other car related problem for that matter. That’s our answer in appreciation to your loyalty and support. As a “Preferred Customer”, you can expect the following services and more for no charge when required or requested:

* Car Washes * Battery Check * Battery Charge * Alternator/Starter Test *

* Door Lock/Hinge Lubrication * All Fluid Top Ups * Antifreeze Test *

* Cooling System Inspection * Tire Pressure Check * Front End Inspection *

* Brake Inspection * Brake Adjustments * Belt Tightening (Excluding Timing Belt) *

* Extended Warranty * Road Side Assistance * Preferential Rates *

* Advice * Estimates * Smiles and More *

* We reserve the right to limit quantities if these free services are abused *