About Us

“Wee” live in a crazy dog eat dog world where time and money is of the essence. Everyone is always is in a rush and any amount of money is never enough. Everything is wanted now, and even though it’s not always affordable, it’s bought on credit. And the cost of everything seems to be just too damn much! Then “Wee” have a Government that is bleeding us dry us with an endless stream of creative taxes to support their wasteful use of our tax dollars and their irresponsible mistakes.

As a result, this frustration is perhaps the reason that old fashion quality service is quickly deteriorating. Everyone is interested only in the mighty dollar! Then “Wee” have the near extinction of the local corner garage where people can approach without hassle or intimidation. The big oil companies are converting them into retail food outlets, why? Probably to save on cost and venture into more profitable food outlets with less headaches and lessening the need to worry about environmental issues. Make sense?

But people still need to repair their cars, so where do they go? Perhaps to a large visible automotive repair facility or maybe to a smaller shop with back yard type mechanics that barely know what they are doing. Believe me, there are endless stories in this business about unsafe work practices to car repairs and how small and inexpensive jobs can often turn into a thousand dollar nightmare. Be aware that a cheaper advertised rate usually means exactly that. You can be exposing yourself to unnecessary headaches due to cheap quality parts, shoddy workmanship or uneducated people. And with the lack of regulation in this industry, anyone can put on a pair of coveralls with a wrench in his back pocket and call himself a mechanic.

Then “Wee” get into large corporate companies, and it’s a shame, but again, money seem to be the top priority. Although they claim on extensive training, quality workmanship however, is not guaranteed. And because of their infrastructure, the ingredient exist to give you the run around, bad service perhaps and high pressure sales tactics. Ever been sold something you didn’t really need or wanted? Have you ever paid for a problem to be fixed and not get the desired results? Sound familiar? Then READ ON!

At Auto Repairs R “Wee”, it is our belief that establishing long term relations with you and your vehicle is more beneficial to your pocket book and to your piece of mind, than any sale on any services, anywhere. Whether it is with us or someone else is irrelevant, our point is find competent people and stick with them. Hopping from shop to shop getting different estimates is pointless and a waste of time when you know nothing about the people that is going to perform the work. Not to mention that they know nothing about you and your car. It’s no wonder why these same people get the run around! With the absence of personal service no one knows your history, no one is willing to care and the responsibility is easily passed on to someone else, especially in a large shop. Do you follow?

A mechanic is a term of the past, today we’re referred to as auto technicians which is commonly considered to be a “Car Doctor” and rightfully so. A motor vehicle is a highly sophisticated piece of machinery with many different systems. Not to mention that it takes many years to design. And as complicated as everything is, “Wee” didn’t wake up one morning and called ourselves auto technicians, no way! The skills “Wee” possess took many years to develop, much like a good doctor. And like a doctor, it is impossible to know everything because there is just too much to learn. However, to understand and know the history of your vehicle and its characteristics will speed up any diagnostic time, thus saving on cost. To know your regular maintenance schedule and to regularly perform those duties will extend the life of your vehicle not to mention added enjoyment due to better fuel consumption, top performance and more importantly less breakdowns. Therefore, if this concept is accepted by you, let us be your choice.

Founded in 1998, not only are “Wee” surviving, but “Wee” are thriving. What started out with a single proprietor has quickly become a pool of multi-talented individuals. At Auto Repairs R “Wee”, there are no bosses except YOU THE CUSTOMER. And you deal with licensed technicians that are proprietors of the business. “Wee” operate in a friendly efficient environment that you can trust and approach on a personal level. Our business plan and goals are simple. Our mandate is to deliver top quality service at realistic prices while providing our partner/team members with an opportunity in an entrepreneurial environment for personal success. For your security and piece of mind, our pledge to you at Auto Repairs R “Wee”, is that we’ll get the job done right with top quality parts. As professionals, there is never any guesswork with your vehicle’s problem and your hard-earned dollars are never at risk. Rest assure that if satisfying results are not or cannot be delivered due to unusual circumstances, you will be notified immediately without any charges. Furthermore, estimates are always free without obligation and it is our intention to never use intimidating tactics while providing a cost-effective alternative to the corporate bullies.

The following represents our current partnership/team profile:

* Wee Wong….. Proprietor / Service Advisor / Licensed Technician

Licensed since 1985, this ex-street kid has developed a wide range of technical and mechanical skills on many different vehicles. His extensive past experience with many large corporate auto repair outlets has taught him the managerial skills of WHAT NOT TO DO! His commitment is providing jobs and a safe working environment with flexible growth opportunities for his partners while unlocking their highest potential. Furthermore, as a servant leader with an endless amount of energy, he treats people the way he likes to be treated, not to mention that he’s driven by the passion of success by maintaining total customer satisfaction and focusing in quality control.

* Brian Parks….. Proprietor / Service Advisor / Licensed Technician

Having been in this business for over 30 plus years, Brian brings extraordinary value to this team. His up-to-date knowledge of the modern day computerized vehicle is second to none. His specialties are electronic fuel injection diagnostics and AirCare. With these credentials, he brings truth to the slogan: “If Wee Can’t Fix It….. You Can Junk It…..” In addition, his corporate experience brings tremendous depth to this company while his courageous move has positioned him to an exciting future.

* Jamie Fraser….. Technical advisor / Diagnostic Technician

Actually with his own diagnostic business, Jamie is well worth the mention here as he has helped us with many challenging situations. Not only does Jamie teaches modern day diagnostic strategies he is actively in the field and practicing what he preaches. He lives for extraordinary challenges and have the reputation as a diagnostic guru. If he can’t figure out your problem, it’s really time to junk your car!

* Dan Petrus….. Licensed Technician

Nicknamed “I CAN DAN” this young fellow is very enthusiastic that is gifted with a photographic memory. As a jouneyman technican, he’s got the right stuff and is far more advance than one would think. Dan is a huge asset to this company that we hope to have for the long term as he is very passionate to help others.

* Edward Johannsen….. Licensed Technician

With dealer experience, this individual appears to be an asset not only for this company but for this trade in general. With ability to perform a wide variety of tasks with top quality workmanship, we can count on him to get the job done right everytime. With that said, this thunder from down under has the ingredient for complete success.

* Tyler Wong….. Licensed Apprentice

This young dude is very eager to get his hands right into the action and getting it dirty. He’s very ambitious to learning all the tricks that come with this trade and mechanical minded he is. Fresh from high school Tyler is much further advanced than his fellow students and have impressed all his instructors so far. His future in this profession his very bright with many opportunities ahead.

* Jorden Lawrence….. Licensed Apprentice

With large corporate experience, this young apprentice is eager to tackle on jobs that are never to small or too large. He knows the full impact of top customer service and specializes on suspension and tires. Being with us for over a year now, we look forward to his services for the coming years and beyond.

Service you can depend on….. People you can trust…..