Rates and Specials

We are often called and asked what we charge for an hourly rate. But before you get too carried or scared away with how much we or any other shop charges, perhaps you should stop, think, and ask this instead. How fast can you find my problem? Or how fast can you do my job? An hourly rate is only a guide and a lot of times it is based on a flat rate system. On the other hand, well trained quality people who know what they are doing can often get the job done right in a lot less time than someone charging less per hour but takes twice or three times as long.

For example, a small shop charging $75 per hour on a electrical diagnostic job can often take 2 to 3 hours to find and fix a particular problem due to untrained people or lack of equipment, but a car dealership may be able to diagnose and repair the same problem within the hour with an hourly rate of $140. So do the math and figure where are your savings? Understand?

Don’t get us wrong, we are not promoting car dealers but awareness. These are very real situations that are often misleading to the consumer who often end up paying a lot more while trying to save a little money. This happens everyday so the next time you ask someone what they charge, ask them instead how qualified they are.

At Auto Repairs R ” Wee”…..”Wee” provide a wide range of mechanical and maintenance services. Our shop rate is $110.00 per hour, however, many service items are offered in a package deal that includes both parts and labour as noted below. Estimates are always free and “Wee” promise never to go beyond our estimated quote. For a no obligation, non-intimidating experience, call us or drop in during business hours. And remember this, our policy is that you are never charged if satisfying results are not delivered. Our work is indeed satisfaction guaranteed!

Internet Deals

Lube oil and filter with 5W20 5W30 – $49.95 Lube oil and filter with Synthetic 5W30 – $99.95
Cooling system flush and fill – $84.95 Pre purchase inspections – $99.95
Tire rotation – $28.00 Wheel alignment – $74.95
Wheel Balance – $8 each Brake system flush and refill – $84.95
Power steering flush and refill – $84.95 Tire repair $15.00

Price includes parts and labour plus taxes